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Initial Intensive Program

This four week private coaching program supports you in the initial chapter as realize your marriage is in trouble and divorce may be an impending reality.

Signature Divorce Coaching Program

This 90 day individualized coaching program supports you as navigate your divorce. The essentials of divorce are addressed in a customized powerful coaching experience specifically geared to support you in the current chapter while also shifting focus on where you want to go.



Start reclaiming your power with this focused two hour long session which is specifically geared to focus you on your vibrant future!

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Hi there!

I’m Shannon, and just a few short years ago, I was faced with redefining my life after divorce. When I took my vows, I never expected that I’d be single again, so the shock in the wake of my divorce was intense. Thankfully, I was able to emerge from the divorce without bitterness and with a newfound zest for life. You deserve the same opportunity, and I’m here to coach you to it!

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If you’re just coming out of the breakup of a marriage . . .
No matter who initiated the divorce. . .
Things are in flux.

You may be worried that these changes will be difficult. And, yes, they’ll likely be painful and will take some adjusting to get used to.

Yet, in this time of transition, you’re also faced with an OPPORTUNITY to redefine your life!

To rediscover the things which make you uniquely beautiful in this world!

And to reclaim your joy in living each day!

Truly, there’s a bright future for you - even though you may not see it from your current vantage point - and we’re going to get you walking toward it!

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.
— socrates