Change your thoughts and you’ll change your world
— Norman Vincent Peale
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Now is the most powerful moment.


Our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions are intensely related.

Maybe your thoughts are running a mile a minute these days, maybe your feelings are in overdrive, maybe your actions are being demanded upon constantly as there is always something to do.

What if you could gain an awareness of your thoughts and feelings, of the energy that you use and put into your actions? 

What if that personal awareness gave you the ability to intentionally shift your thoughts, feelings, and actions in a way that fully serve you and those you love?

The awareness of how you currently use your energy (mentally, emotionally, and physically) and the changes it makes possible is so important during this time of redefinition. When much is being required of you, when your communication (both internally and externally) are critical ~ your personal-awareness is crucial.

The purpose and intense benefit of this Personal Awareness Package is to gain the knowledge of how you currently use your thoughts, emotions, and actions. The personal awareness that results from the assessment and the coaching session shines light on your ability to select the thoughts, create the emotions, and modify the behaviors that will empower you. This focus on you will create the opportunity to maximize the positive impact of each choice you make.


In this coaching package, you will become aware of the way you operate and use energy in two distinct ways in your life. As a Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practioner I will provide you with a 70 question assessment which will measure your attitude and perspective of your world. The results of this assessment will not ‘label’ you as one category or another, but instead will create an awareness of how your energy resonates in ‘normal’ daily life as well as how your energy resonates when you are under stress (as defined by you). After you complete the assessment we will schedule a 60 minute coaching session to review the results and to draw out the most important “a-has” so that you can move forward in a powerful way.

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Current Investment Level: $300

Questions? Please send an email to shannon@lovestrengthandgrace.com with your question, and someone from my team will respond to you within 48 hours, Monday through Friday.