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This signature coaching experience has been designed for you; the woman who has entered a chapter of intense change due to the breakup of your marriage. No matter who announced the divorce, the end of a marriage triggers a series of events that can make you question WHO you are and WHERE you are going in life.

The beautiful news is that you now have the opportunity to embrace and love yourself fully . . .
to discover that the woman you are is complete and whole already . . .
to reconnect with the passions and pursuits that light up your soul and spirit . . .
and to curate a life that’s full of love beyond anything you’ve experienced before!

Right now, you may be feeling:

Blindsided by the news that your partner desires a divorce
Guilty if you were the one who initiated the divorce
Devastated at the break-up of your family
Fearful of how you can raise healthy children in a single-parent household
Anxious about “putting yourself out there” in the world as a single woman
Deeply sad over the realization that what you expected your family to look like is no longer your reality
Apprehensive about co-parenting
Overwhelmed with the number of decisions that must be made
Worried about the impact on your financial status
Concerned about the professional implications as you need additional time and space to navigate the divorce
Exhausted while trying to still maintain a semblance of a positive, healthy lifestyle for yourself, your children, and those you love

Hi, I’m Shannon McGorry, and let me tell you that I get it!


I remember how I felt when I came to the realization that my marriage was over. I can’t even describe to you all of the emotions I felt. Sadness, anger, fear, confusion, overwhelm: you name it, it came to the surface.

But as I worked through each of these emotions, I began to accept the reality of my situation. And I made a powerful choice.

I chose to view this painful time as an opportunity. There was no point in fighting against my “new” life as it was. What if I embraced it? And looked for the ways in which I could grow as a result?

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Imagine what it would feel like to:

✓ Rediscover passions and pursuits you love but had let fall by the wayside during your marriage
✓ Completely respect the person you are and how you are living out your life, despite your circumstances
✓ Take a deep breath and know that everything is going to be BETTER than just okay

✓ Find new purpose and joy in your life
✓ Develop deeper relationships as you bring your full, authentic self to each interaction
✓ Strengthen your mindset and know that you can conquer any challenge along your path


This intimate coaching program was created specifically for the woman who has been through a divorce and is ready to rediscover the happiness, joy and vibrancy she once had. If you are determined to live your one, precious life to the fullest and overcome whatever obstacles may be placed in your path, THIS is the program for you.

Midway through my divorce process, I was stuck in a negative thought pattern and frozen with indecision. Each of Shannon’s sessions has a theme, but she keeps it flexible to include any topic you may want to work through. With insightful questions and positive feedback, Shannon helps me get to the root of my concerns and fears. She reinforces how important it is to take care of myself— emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. I am learning to listen to my inner voice and have confidence in my decisions, which is so empowering! Each session leaves me feeling positive and I am on my way back to being a strong confident
— M.C. (Pennsylvania)

Here’s what you’ll receive when you enroll in this private coaching experience:

Welcome Pack

Your welcome pack will help us maximize each moment of our coaching sessions. Use it to find clarity on the road you’ve walked thus far and to be inspired about your new pathway to power. You’ll complete this Welcome Pack prior to our first session, so that we can begin moving forward beginning with our initial appointment.

Intensive Session

We’ll begin our work together with a 75-minute Intensive Session. You’ll have the space to take a deep breath, relax, and recharge. During this session, we’ll begin to explore your vision for your life after divorce. We’ll illuminate goals and dreams that may have been hidden for years, and we’ll formulate a plan to walk toward those goals and dreams with confidence!

Eight One-to- One Coaching Sessions

Each month of your 90-day program, you’ll have three private coaching sessions. Your first session will be your Intensive, and each of the other sessions will be sixty minutes in length. One week each month will be reserved for implementation, so that you have the space to allow the new concepts we’ll cover in our sessions to become behaviors. Each of your private sessions is tailored to your specific goals, dreams, and desires. Please see below for a detailed description of the topics we’ll cover.

Additional Resources

Throughout our coaching program, I’ll be providing you with additional curated resources, including book and film recommendations and guided worksheets. These resources will ensure that our work together extends far beyond the time we spend in session.


Plus Enjoy This Powerful BONUS. . .

Energy Leadership Assessment {$200 Value}

This powerful BONUS coaching assessment will cover the ways in which your own unique energy can work FOR you. This focus on your energy will create an awareness that provides you with the opportunity to maximize the positive impact of each choice you make. When you choose this package, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to take the online assessment. The results will be emailed to you, and then we’ll schedule our 60-minute coaching session. During the session, we’ll review your energy results and draw out the most important “a-has” so that you can move forward in a powerful way!

Schedule your complimentary 30-minute discovery call below.
We’ll have a conversation about the program and whether it’s the right thing to help you move forward now.

Working with Shannon was exactly what I needed to work through some things and belief systems that were really keeping me from moving forward. She has such a sense about her that makes you feel very safe in talking to her about really personal matters. I felt so supported and validated, and getting to work with her was such a gift for me during this time!
— J.B. (Texas)


Here’s the outline of what we’ll cover when you enroll in the 90-Day Coaching Experience:

Self Love, Kindness, Gratitude

During this week, we’ll focus on appreciating YOU! Our goal is that you will begin to fully love, appreciate and embrace yourself. You’re ready to re-claim your power and move forward with purpose, vision, and - dare I say it - FUN!

Passion + Purpose

This week builds on Week One’s work of discovering and remembering who you are at your core. We’re diving deeper this session into your passions and your purpose. Life is meant to be lived richly, and our intense focus on your core values in this Session will show us what truly lights you up.


You need a rock-solid mindset to navigate you through this time of change. During this Session, you’ll learn powerful ways of focusing your intentions on your true desires. Your thoughts create your reality, and we’re going to get them working FOR you.

Empty to Fill

During this Session, we’ll discuss how you can empty anything from your life that’s not currently serving you: stress, pain, worry, fear or anxiety. Then, we’ll begin to fill up your life with the things, people and activities that nourish you!

Confidence -- - Your Pathway to Power

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork, we’re ready to map out your pathway to power. Life is different after a divorce, but it can become even more pleasurable and fulfilling! During this Session, we’ll explore how you can build your confidence to reach your deepest desires, goals and dreams in a way that feels exciting and joyful.

Grace & Space

During this Session, we’ll dive deep into your time management and scheduling. We want your life to feel expansive, not rushed, hurried or stressed. We’ll take a wise look at your calendar to ensure that you’re placing focus on your most important priorities.


There are specific tools that can help you stay grounded and fully aligned to your purpose. We’re discussing the power that exists within in this Session centered on both extremes of control and letting go!

Anchors & Support

You’re not in this alone, and it’s crucial that you develop the community you need to feel fully supported. During this Session, we’ll discuss what that looks like for your specific situation and how we can build in the layers of encouragement you need to keep you moving forward.

Healthy Distractions + FUN!

Though this time can feel anything BUT normal, it’s important that we create a new normal that feels invigorating and exciting! We’ll discuss how you can set aside “me” time that nurtures and nourishes your soul . . . leaving plenty of time for play!


Apply for your complimentary 30-minute discovery call below.
We’ll have a conversation about the program and whether it’s the right thing to help you move forward now.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Question: Things are in such upheaval right now. I’m not sure I have the time to coach with you. Is this a time-intensive program?

Answer: Making the time for this program, for yourself is one of the most important things you can do during this time; for yourself and for those you love. I get that working this program into your life as you deal with all the changes you’re experiencing due to your divorce may feel daunting. But our goal in this coaching is to help you reclaim more of your joy by using your time and energy in ways that will re-connect you with yourself and your purpose. The aftermath of a divorce is a time when some women can feel lost and adrift. Our sessions are designed to help you process the pain and move forward toward your redefined yet wonderfully fulfilling life! Without a guide during a time of transition, it is all too likely that you will lose focus on your ultimate goals as you are faced with countless choices to make alone. Coaching will provide you with the support you need to get on your pathway to power NOW, instead of spending another year (or years) wondering which direction to go.


Question: I already have a therapist. Isn’t coaching kind of the same? Do I really need you, too?

Answer: I’m so glad you’ve got a therapist lined up to help you through this transition. I recommend that almost everyone going through a divorce employ a therapist, and I’m NOT one! Coaching is quite different from therapy. Therapy will help you understand what’s happened up to this point in your life. Coaching is specifically designed to help you move forward. We want you on your pathway to power! If fact, this coaching program works best when paired with excellent therapy. I am happy to provide recommendations to therapists who can serve as an additional layer of support to the work we do in coaching.


Question: Do you offer refunds?

Answer: No refunds are given on coaching programs. I only work with highly committed, dedicated women who are determined to rebuild and redefine their lives after divorce. Coaching is a commitment on both of our parts, and, for that reason, coaching services are non-refundable.


Question: I didn’t see my question listed! Can you help me?

Answer: Of course! Just send an email to shannon@lovestrengthandgrace.com with your question, and someone from my team will respond to you within 48 hours, Monday through Friday.