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I remember feeling so overwhelmed it was like an out of body experience.  All the noise around me went quiet, this feeling unlike any other welled up inside me, and time stopped.  My mind was racing in a million different directions.  And the questions started….

What do I do now?!, Who do I need to talk to?!  Who CAN I talk to!?!, What are the first things I need to consider and think about?!, What will happen?!, Will I be okay, how will my daughters feel?!, How is this MY life?

And the feelings that these questions invoked…you name it, I felt it….sadness, fear, disbelief, anger, guilt, overwhelm, loss of control…and I felt them all deeply up and down, and the feelings would twist and turn one into another like a roller coaster ride, and I wanted to stop the ride; like a bad dream and I was trying to wake myself up.

But, this was my reality, there was no getting off of the ride, no waking up from the nightmare;  it was happening and it all had to be dealt with.  And I needed support.  

I can be that support for you.  I have walked this path of divorce and I can help you navigate these initial, defining days and weeks so that you set the tone for how this process will unfold.  

During this critical time, I am here to support you.  We will work to get foundational, structural pieces of this puzzle set into place.

How would it feel to:

Get Grounded: To address and lock down support for the critical areas of life (emotional, intellectual, spiritual, financial, environmental, family and friends) to ensure you have the resources that you need. I can help you at this critical time; I know first-hand the areas that were pivotal to my successful navigation.

Have Someone In Your Corner Who Gets It: There is immense value in support from someone who you can talk to without the further complication of worrying how they will handle or react to what you are sharing. I understand what this is like and can serve as an unbiased, non-emotional resource outside of your all-important inner circle of family and friends.

Know That You Are Not Alone: You will have support for the thoughts, emotions, and questions that are rapidly firing and creep up out of the blue. It is so important to have a place held just for you to process and get some feedback from someone who gets it.

Have Help Navigating The Necessary Actions: What do you need to do logistically? Together, let’s prioritize what needs to be done and formulate plan for taking action. (Do you need legal support and what does that look like?, What are your needs and options surrounding your living space? Who do you tell what to at this point? How can you best handle this on behalf of your kids?)

To Gain a Sense of Safety and Security: I know you are scared. Let’s talk through your ideas and plan a way to take action when you feel the fear and the overwhelm. I get it because I have been through the thick of it, but I can help because I am not in the thick of it.


I know there are a million thoughts and feelings going through your head and your heart.  Believe me, I have been standing in that moment in time.  But trust me when I say that the most critical thing you can do right now is to take care of yourself; to get positioned with positive support.  I have successfully navigated this messy, difficult transitional time and I am passionate about helping you do the same.

The most powerful moment is now.  Don’t wait another minute wondering, questioning, feeling on your own. 

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Book a call with me!

We will spend 30 minutes talking about your situation and you will walk away with my top two imperative actions for getting through this.  We will have an honest conversation about my four week Initial Intensive and whether it’s the right thing to help you move forward now. 

Here is what you will receive with the Initial Intensive:

Welcome Packet

4 weeks of support

2 Hour Initial Intensive session

3 Additional One to One sessions

As needed 45 minute support sessions (at a reduced rate)

Additional Resources